About Us

In one corner, we have the East Bay Regional Parks District and its seven-figure PR budget, aided and financed by an "environmental" group composed mainly of ex-EBRPD bureaucrats (the "Regional Parks Association".)

In the other corner, we have...us.  We're just a group of East Bay hikers, mountain bikers, and environmentalists who can no longer support the EBRPD with our money -- because they are terrible stewards of our public lands.  They trash our beautiful parks with trucks, bulldozers, and thousands of cattle.  They close existing parks to the public for over a decade after they acquire them, while leasing them to cattle ranchers (calling it "landbanking").  Finally, they ban their second-largest user group (bicyclists) from park trails, while heavily subsidizing a tiny minority of equestrians with stables, boarding barns, riding arenas, day camps, and trail rides.

We are a real grassroots organization.  We receive no taxpayer money, we have no corporate sponsors, and we're all doing this in the spare time left from our day jobs.  Why are environmentalists and parks users opposing a parks tax?  Because the EBRPD has been unaccountable to the public for decades, and opposing this bond measure is the only way to get the EBRPD's bureaucracy to start taking their stewardship seriously.