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10/25/2008 17:03

Our Statement to the EBRPD

[Just looking for pictures?  Scroll down or click here.] We don't want to be here, spending our time and effort opposing you.  We're all outdoors people who value our parks and open space, and would much rather be improving them for everyone to enjoy.  But you're asking for 500...


10/14/2008 18:20

A Big Hello To Our Biggest Fans: The EBRPD!

This website gets tens of thousands of hits, from thousands of different places.  Guess what single workplace tops the list? -- the East Bay Regional Parks District's offices! It's safe to say that our campaign has the attention of the District.  So, since you're all...


10/06/2008 21:40

Breaking News: More Ugly Pictures from Mission Peak

Absolutely unbelievable photos from the far side of Mission Peak.  We couldn't make this up if we tried.  Come read our latest EBRPD Hall of Shame update!  


10/06/2008 20:28

Oops, They Did It Again: EBRPD Hall of Shame, Mission Peak Edition

Here's the remote, little-known, and little used Panorama Trail -- one of the EBRPD's few actual singletrack trails -- as of earlier this year.  Since so few people come here, the trail needed some brushing back: Instead, the EBRPD decided to "maintain" the trail with a bulldozer. ...


10/02/2008 00:50

An EBRPD Insider Speaks Out

We've received, completely unsolicited, a sobering indictment of the EBRPD's practices from a longtime employee, who has given us permission to post it anonymously: "As a former employee, I saw and was subject to all abuses.  The bad thing was working with a highly paid, but very lazy staff, a...


09/26/2008 13:06

Big Photo Update from Chabot

This just in: our worst EBRPD Hall of Shame entry so far!  Join us for a tour of Anthony Chabot Regional Park.


09/23/2008 23:38

Dirt and Cow Pies: EBRPD Hall of Shame, Chabot Regional Edition

Welcome to Grass Valley, dead in the center of the EBRPD's Anthony Chabot Regional Park.  Sadly, it's not very grassy right now. The EBRPD claims that their grazing program exists to "maintain and improve habitat conditions for resident plants and animals, and to prevent wildfires."...


09/19/2008 19:12

EBRPD Hall of Shame, Redwood Regional Park Edition

No, this isn't Caltrans building a new freeway interchange.  This is the EBRPD performing "trail maintenance" in Redwood Regional Park.  Remember, these are supposed to be hiking, biking, and horse trails.  If you're left speechless, well, so were we. The damage goes on and on,...


09/19/2008 15:14

Where Does the Money Go?

We're not accountants, but something is definitely wrong at the EBRPD.  Just updated and published: the "Waste" section.


09/19/2008 00:06

Pictures for the Hall of Shame

We've posted three new articles about what happens when you let the EBRPD control your parklands: Redwood Regional Pleasanton Ridge The Ohlone "Wilderness" Trail There are more to come, and we'll post them as we get the time.