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09/18/2008 23:41

EBRPD Hall of Shame, Pleasanton Ridge Edition

Back in the winter of 2002-2003, someone in the EBRPD had the bright idea of "maintaining" Pleasanton Ridge trails with bulldozers and other heavy machinery during the middle of the rainy season. The result was predictable: a big, muddy, erosive, environmentally destructive mess. Check out the...


09/18/2008 22:55

EBRPD Hall of Shame, Ohlone "Wilderness Trail" Edition

If you decide to hike the part of the Ohlone "Wilderness Trail" in and near Mission Peak, you're in for a dispiriting surprise. Let's say you get someone to drop you off on Mill Creek Road, because it's the closest paved access to this end of the trail.  You'll find yourself on this dirt road...


09/11/2008 21:55

Website launched!

See the "Environmental Destruction", "About Us", and "You Can Help" pages!  The rest of our content is under construction, so please pardon our dust.


09/11/2008 19:05

You can help us!

Can you help?  Great!  


09/11/2008 17:26


Thanks for visiting!  Q: What's the difference between the "Blog" and "News" sections? A: The "News" section is for short announcements and upcoming events, and shows up as a sidebar on every page except its own.  The "Blog" section is for longer articles, and only shows up on the main...