EBRPD Hall of Shame, Redwood Regional Park Edition

09/19/2008 19:12

No, this isn't Caltrans building a new freeway interchange.  This is the EBRPD performing "trail maintenance" in Redwood Regional Park. 

East Ridge Trail, Redwood Regional

Remember, these are supposed to be hiking, biking, and horse trails.  If you're left speechless, well, so were we.

Baccharis Trail, Redwood Regional

The damage goes on and on, literally for miles...

More dozer damage, Redwood Regional

We have a lot more pictures.  Sadly, they all look like this.

West Ridge Trail, Redwood Regional

Then the rain comes, and we get massive erosion and giant water ruts...

Dozer damage with water ruts, Redwood Regional

You could break an ankle in these ruts!  The endangered plants and animals aren't too happy about all that mud, either:

...because it all washes downhill, drowning a meadow under a giant, stagnant mud flat.

The East Bay Regional Park District is destroying the lands we have entrusted them to preserve, and we oppose giving them another $500 million of public money to continue their destruction.

Vote No on Measure WW!


Yes, we can do better!  Here's what multi-use trails look like right next door in Joaquin Miller Park, run by the City of Oakland.  Wouldn't you rather go hiking or riding here?  Shouldn't we be supporting our chronically underfunded local and state parks districts, who provide trails like this, instead?

A narrow, multi-use trail in Joaquin Miller Park, City of Oakland

Remember, this trail is multi-use, and gets heavy traffic from hikers, horses, and mountain bikers.  In the EBRPD's bizarre world, riding a bicycle on this trail would get you a $300+ fine -- but destroying it with a bulldozer would be "maintenance".  Thank you, City of Oakland, for Joaquin Miller Park.